Sunday 10 December 2023

New recruits for the Bedtime's Children

Taking a quick detour back to the wasteland, I have added three more warriors to the Bedtime's Children, my growing tribal warband for This is Not a Test. All three are slightly large 28mm miniatures from Hasslefree. At this point I am running out of strictly onesie-wearing options, so have relented to allow models with alternative evening attire. 

Sam is a sinewy chap with Y-fronts and a fireman fetish. He also has a handy fire axe which will help.

Raz keeps it real with a relaxed style in her unicorn onesie, slippers and massive tool.

Kitty, however, has other nocturnal pursuits in mind when she dons her evening wear.

The tribe now has 12 members and three warbeasts. If I see any other suitable recruits I'll pick them up, but what I'm really after now is some sort of animatronic bear to serve as a depend-o-bot.

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