Tuesday 5 March 2024

Devilry Afoot - witch hunters (5) and a spectre

This week I completed my tenth and final (for playtesting purposes) monster hunter for Devilry Afoot. I also popped some paint on an unfortunate headless lady... 

This chap is another moss trooper from the 28mm Bloody Miniatures line. Originally toating two hefty horse pistols/dragons, I swapped out one of his hands for a spare lantern I had in the drawer. I see him as a scholar, but equipped as he is with sword and pistol, he could also be a veteran soldier or a gentleman slightly down on his luck.

I tried a much more toned-down version of object light source painting this time, really just highlighting what is a dark blue coat up with purple nearer the warm light of the lantern. Again, I am not wholly convinced, but it is not a displeasing result. 

The headless spectre is a ghost from Midlam Miniatures with her hand twisted around to hold a wee resin candle. I actually painted her twice - the first time trying to heavily dry brush her from colour to white to be all ephemeral, but that really didn't work so I went back and coloured her in again. I think the headless nature of the figure makes it pretty clear that she is at the ghostly end of the corporeal spectrum...

In Devilry Afoot, spectres are ephemeral apparitions, the tormented souls of men and women killed before their time, or visions of demons summoned by witchcraft. The ethereal entities can manifest in different ways, ranging from translucent figures and misty shapes to full-bodied phantoms. As incorporeal beings, spectres may neither suffer, nor cause, physical wounds, but that does not make them any less threatening to the good living and God-fearing.

And finally a vanity shot of all the hunters together, two each of the five archetypes - gentlemen, goodmen, scholars, soldiers and religious - and the wee dog too. It would be very unusual to see them all on the table together in a game of Devilry Afoot, most hunting parties would have less than six figures in them, but I do like the look of the group shot. 

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