Wednesday 13 March 2024

More monstrous mayhem for Devilry Afoot - Troll, ghouls and revenants

I've fallen a little behind in painting updates for my Devilry Afoot collection, so here is a little tiny avalanche of 28mm monsters...

Fist up we have the most enjoyable miniature I have painted in an awful, awful long time - the troll. This resin miniature is from HarrowHyrst (available through Footsore Miniatures), shown next to a Bloody Miniatures ECW chappie for scale.. 
Great lumbering creatures, ox-tailed and with grotesque features, the trolls of northern Europe dwell in small communities in lonely mountain caves and among the rocky high places furthest from the interference of humans. While susceptible to sunlight and often dim-witted, trolls can be both malevolent and possessive of immense strength meaning that few would willingly cross their path or disturb their existence.

In a war-torn land, many a desperate soul has given itself up to cannibalism to survive through a desperate winter or a city under siege. For some, that taste of human flesh leaves a lingering desire for more. Banding together in depraved associations and libertine covens, a ghoul’s macabre fascination with death emboldens them to stalk the night looking for mortal morsels or willing acolytes to lure away from the light.

My two ghouls are from Heresy Miniatures. In the hand they look grand, but blown up on the screen they look a little rushed perhaps.

I always struggle to know what to do with ghoul flesh. They are living creatures for the stereotypical green-grey doesn't work for me. I ended up trying the same approach as on my 10mm ghouls and went with more raw looking purple hues.

Revenants were once men who lived wicked lives and are now cursed with a restless death. Mindlessly shambling through the night, revenants are drawn to the sweet smell of the living with a desire only to spread death, destruction and decay. Unable to rest naturally, the most effective response to a revenant’s repeated visitation employs the use of wooden stakes, decapitation, and reburial with specific rituals.

These three revenants are from Antediluvian Miniatures. They are zombie conquistadors, but serve my purposes perfectly!

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  1. Beautiful work on all of these. I love the vivid purple of the ghouls, and I've had my eye on the Antediluvian figures for some time but haven't had a project in mind to justify the purchase just yet.