Monday 20 May 2024

Devilry Afoot - 13 game campaign (session 2)

Following on from the first three hunts, our intrepid band of monster hunters (Fr. Hans and Goodman Gruber, Colonel Clijsters, Dr Midnite and his faithful follower Betty) set out to once more take on the forces of Evil.

Scenario 4) Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Over recent months, livestock has been mysteriously slaughtered in the night and a young farm hand in the neighbouring parish has now gone missing. Hearing a wild commotion in the dark of night, several foolhardy villagers leave their homes to brave the night and come together in the village centre. As the dark shapes mill about in confusion, it soon becomes clear that all is not right.

Suffice to say, this hunt did not exactly go as planned. Two werewolves revealed themselves before the crowd of innocents managed to disperse. One made its way towards the hunters on the riverbank, while the other started to massacre the NPCs. Ineffective pistol fire and worse sword-play saw seven innocents killed by one of the beasts, while both Fr Hans and Gruber were mauled by the other werewolf before the party scattered and fled into the night.

While both hunters seemed to recover from their injuries - once again, Dr Midnite proving his worth - both now carry the wolf-bitten secret meaning that they have improved speed and ferocity, but are only one bad dice roll away from turning into werewolves themselves.

Scenario 5) Iconoclasm
Deep in the woods, far from the churches and meeting houses that stand as beacons of God’s light, dark figures flit as shadows between trees, dancing, and worshipping, and sacrificing to far older gods. For light to prevail, the source of the darkness must be destroyed.

This scenario saw the party once more facing off against a coven of witches, this time supported by a nest of ghouls. Colonel Clijsters decided to take matters into his own hands and set off to distract the ghouls, trusting his allies to topple the pagan altar in the centre of the clearing. While his skill as a duellist enabled him to wound both of the beasts, in the end he was badly wounded and his resolve failed him, fleeing from his foes' intimidating posturing. 

Meanwhile, both Fr Hans and Dr Midnite found that their lustful secrets handicapped them greatly as the witches proceeded to cast a variety of charms whilst summoning numerous imps. Goodman Gruber showed his metal, smiting the imps and killing a witch. The first cracks then appeared in the monsters' dominance. Dr Midnite and Betty managed to finish off a ghoul each, Fr Hans quoted scripture in such a way as to force one of the witches to flee, leaving the badly wounded Col. Clijsters to swing once more into action, charging and slaying the last witch.

Five scenarios in, the party is surprisingly still unscathed. Metaphorically at least - they almost all bear horrific scars and hope never to have to relive their mental torments, but they bear no long lasting injuries to impact on their performance. Having killed two ghouls and two witches, they are now flush with silver shillings for the first time, and all have received multiple experience upgrades leaving them ready for the more serious challenges ahead!


  1. I've just read through all these blog posts after having discovered this new game you're working on only a few days ago, it seems like a really flavourful and thematic game with a lot of fun moments and I'm really looking forward to its release.

    I saw mention of a that the die that's used for all tests and actions in the game? Is it a single D10, or are there multiple dice rolled for certain things?

    Are the encounter creatures set for each scenario, or are they randomly chosen by rolling on a table, so each scenario will be different?

    Do the creatures scale in power and/or number as the Hunters earn experience and become more powerful themselves?

    How are the forces chosen for each game, is each player allocated an amount of points with which to form their hunting party?

    I guess one player controls the "Bad Guys" and the other controls the Hunting Party?

    Is there the option for solo and co-op gaming with a bad guy AI system?

    Does the Hunter creation process allow for a single more powerful Hunter to be created in place of 3-4 hunters, perhaps a Solomon Kane type character?

    Not sure if it is just fluff or not, but it seems each Hunter has a negative trait/background, is this part of the Hunter creation process and if so, does it impact individual Hunters in game terms?

    Are activation tokens drawn from a single shared bag, or does each player have their own bag to draw from?

    How deep is the Hunter creation process, is it randomly focussed or does the player have some level of choice in what skills and weapons their Hunters start with?

  2. That's a really good series of questions, but I think they deserve more space than a comment reply. 🙂

    Bear with me and I'll pull together a full post.


  3. Mark from Thailand25 May 2024 at 14:58

    Twenty silver shillings says Fr Hans will be the next to meet a grisly end.