Wednesday 22 May 2024

Evil tree and more innocents for Devilry Afoot

Finishing up the last of the pieces i need to cover every eventuality in Devilry Afoot, I've now completed an evil tree and more innocent civilians/werewolf food.

Evil trees are static terrain pieces in Devilry Afoot that have the ability to lash out and cause harm to humans who stray too close. This pretty splendid evil tree is a 3D print sculpted by Dragon Trappers Lodge and sold as an Awakened Tree. He might be awake, but he's certainly not happy about it... 

I've also completed four more innocents to give me a total of eight. These four are from Wargames Foundry. They are all pretty characterful, although the shepherd is perhaps a little flat of face.

The Foundry miniatures mix pretty well with the Crucible Crush Productions figures, they are a bit heftier, but give good variety, for sure don't we all come in different shapes and sizes? 


  1. That tree is a wonderful looking sculpt and very nicely painted! The civilians are also very nicely done. I love the woman with a baby mini...the second most strongest motivator for a hunter to banish a monster from the world of the living is the threat it poses to an innocent young mother and her babe...the primary motivator of course is money...

  2. Mark from Thailand25 May 2024 at 14:55

    Some mighty suss looking “innocents” there Nic. They look like sheep bothering backsliders to me. I’m reporting them to the Guv’nor.