Song of Shadows and Dust

Song of Shadows and Dust (published 2013) is a standalone historical miniatures wargame published by Ganesha Games. Based on Andrea Sfiligoi's Song of Blades and Heroes, it is inspired by the break down in the civil order which plagued the great cities of the Mediterranean in the first century BC but would be perfectly suitable for any pre-modern setting from Babylon to Bruges.

Available from Ganesha in both paperback and pdf formats, SSD seeks to reflect the gritty reality of urban violence while preserving the keep-it-simple, play-as-you-want, no-book-keeping-required spirit of the Song of Blades and Heroes rules family.

A hardcopy of the rules can also be found on Amazon (UK, USA, EU, Japan, etc), LuluWargames Vault, and at

A downloadable faction builder is available from the Ganesha Games website here.

Sample pages are shown below. You can find all previous blog posts relating to SSD here.