Tuesday 14 September 2010

SBH - The Ballygobackwards Yeomanry

Ballygobackwards  Yeomanry

Here stand the proud fellows of the Ballygobackwards Yeomanry. They are a generic 'little peoples' militia from the sleepy hamlet of Ballygobackwards led by the local judge whose name just happens to be the same as my favourite beer.... The scale is 28mm although none of my lads reach that esteemed height.  They are a mix of Hasselfree, Heresy, Reaper and Alternative Armies. I felt compelled to give them a pink and green colour scheme, but I'd like to think that it works...

Battle honours

Opponent                     victories           losses
Savage orcs                      0                      1
Goblins                            0                      1
Total                                0                      2

Personalities:    98        (33%)
Warriors:          196       (67%)
Total:               294       (100%)

Justice FitzSmithwicks
Points: 38         Q:2+     C:0
Special rules: free disengage, magic-user, short move

Sergeant O’Bushmills
Points: 60         Q:3+     C:3
Special rules: leader, short move, steadfast

Beelzebubbles the Badger
Points: 46         Q:3+     C:4
Special rules: animal, forester, savage

Points: 27         Q:4+     C:3
Special rules: gregarious, short move, steadfast

Yeoman with barrow-gun
Points: 53         Q:4+     C:6
Special rules: gregarious, shooter: long, short move, slow, steadfast

Mr McBass, Witchsmeller Pursuivant
Points: 70         Q:2+     C:3
Special rules: fearless, forester, lethal to magic-users, shooter: medium, short move, stealth

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