Monday 19 September 2011

His Most Catholic Majesty's man in the New World (part 1)

I have recently started work on a new battle of Colonial Spanish (using the less vicious post-1617 list) to compliment my Hollanders (HERE and HERE) and Caribbean Indians (HERE). Most of my original figures who were flagged as Spanish have since been absorbed into other lists. Finding time to paint at the moment is difficult so the completion date for these little chaps is estimated at 'some time in the future'. 

As a starter army, His Most Catholic Majesty's man in the New World (Don Diego Diablo del Mar), will include the two compulsory company types:
d2 Herreruelos 
2 Militia pike

I've then gone with five of the possible options the provide a limited amount of adaptability:
d3 Militia shot
d3 Armed mobs*
1 War-dogs*
d3 Indian mercenaries
1 Saker*

* completed
The scale is 15mm using a greater variety of brands than I'm usually prone to - a mix of Grumpy, Essex, Museum and Peter Pig.

The armed colonists, rallying to defend their settlements from heretics and savages 
Details showing the gentleman, his mistress, the priest and the goat. 
War-dogs, as seen previously
Saker, as seen previously but with a shortened barrel. 
More pictures will be posted as the battle gets painted. For now I thought I'd post a few inspirational pictures from the 2006 Spanish epic, Alatriste (at IMDb). Based on a series of novels by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, the movie is set in Spain and the Netherlands during the 1620s and 30s. This ambitious movie is visually stunning and loads of fun. The only real negative is that it tries to squeeze too much into a single movie and as a result, the plot jumps around and feels a bit disjointed in places.

Viggo Mortensen as Diego Alatriste and his band of merceneries
Elena Anya as Angelica de Alquezar

Dutch ruijters

Spanish pike


  1. Another interesting post.

    A question. Where did you source the monk with cross from? I think this would be ideal for some Portuguese I hope to start soon.

  2. @TWR - The monk/priest is from Essex pack MFPE16 (Medieval page 3 on the Essex UK website).

  3. Thanks for that. The Portugese colonial expedition currently being assembled is greatly pleased.

  4. Great miniatures and post. Alatriste stirred something in me also.


  5. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!!
    Not seen this film, I'm off to look it up on Amazon and where did you get the dogs from????

  6. @Mr Rousell,
    The dogs are from Museum miniatures. Great mastiffs but they really are as big as they appear!