Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Pergamene extension

In order to use my Paionian figures <here> in battle against my beloved late Seleukids, I picked up and painted three extra elements that will allow me to convert the bulk of the army into a mercenary army in the service of Pergamon - DBA v.2.2 list II/34.

The Pergamene army list allows 1x3Kn (Gen), 1x2LH, 1x3CV, 6x4Ax or 6x2Ps, 2x2Ps, 1x4Wb or 4 Ax.

By keeping 1x2LH and 8x2Ps of my Paionians, I only had to paint up 1 elemnt each of Kn, Cv and Wb.

Pergamene reinforcements
The knight general

Galatian cavalry

Galatian warband
The original Paionian host

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