Saturday 10 September 2011

Royal English main battle

The Royal English battle arrayed

Here are a few shots of the main infantry forces for the Royal English - the English mounted and longbowmen were previously previewed HERE.

All figures are Essex, a mixed selection from their 15mm 16th century and ECW ranges. I added the ECW figures to a) provide a bit more variety as far as poses are concerned and b) to try to give them a very late 16th centruy (O'Neill's rebellion-ish period) look. The colour concept was to have the demi-lancers, border horse, billmen, longbowmen and artillery in a red and green (Tudor) livery, while the pike militia and plantation militia are in greys, browns and blue. I think they came up alright.

The Queen's billmen
Militia from the English plantations

Finally, here are a few 15mm Irregular sheep and lambs. Irregular's range of animals is quite extensive. I used their goats for my DBA Paionian camp and I liked the figures very much. Unfortunately their sheep are a bit disappointing (read 'pants')... These will be used for livestock raiding scenarios in Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End.
The flock gathers...