Sunday 19 October 2014

An Irregular Wars 2 update

Things have been pretty quite on the blog these last couple of months. Work has been getting busier and I've not had much free time to work on anything worth putting on here. 

However, in the next week or two I hope to receive the last edits for Irregular Wars 2nd edition. After I put those through, there will be a final proof read and then I'll be uploading the manuscript onto Amazon Createspace. I am still hopeful that the second edition should be available by the beginning of December, as a pdf from Vexillia Ltd, or as a paperback hardcopy from Amazon (all Amazon websites, .com, .de etc etc). 

However, Amazon is not able to do the premium quality Chance Cards, so these will have to be ordered separately, either from myself or, perhaps from Vexilia (I'm sure Martin will pass any orders on to me that are placed through him anyway... we'll talk it through).

Stand by for imminent progress reports!

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