Sunday 19 October 2014

More ships and boats for Galleys & Galleons

Even though I have not found much time for wargaming of late, this weekend I was able to work on some more vessels for my Galleys & Galleons playtesting fleets.

Since my last post on the topic I have added another 100 points worth of vessels to my scurvy-ridden fleet of buccaneers. Along with the pinnace Jezabel and the brig Oberon, I can now field the pirate galleon Irrepressable and some more cutters. 

Now at 200 points, this is the recommended fleet size for casual games although we have been having fun with much smaller fleets or one-on-one games in testing. Vessels take incremental damage and the more damaged they become, the hard they become to handle. Players could easily run larger fleets, but they would them probably have to resort to using counters to mark damage. 

For those who are already familiar with the Ganesha Games core mechanic, the fleet list for this little flotilla would look something like this:

The Pirates
The Galleon Irrepressible; 78 points
Q3 C4; Chaser guns,Dread pirate,Galleon rigged,High castles,Swashbucklers

The Brig Oberon; 52 points
Q3 C3; Galleon rigged, Swashbucklers, Swift

The Pinnace Jezabel; 33 points
Q2 C1; Lateen rigged, Shallow draft, Sweeps, Swift

Pirate Cutters;18 points
Q2 C1; Boats, Derring-do, Swashbucklers

Pirate Cutters;18 points
Q2 C1; Boats, Derring-do, Swashbucklers

And just sailing into view is the first 100 points (almost) of my Dutch East India Company (VOC) fleet, the indiaman Brabant, and the junk Celestial Tea Chest. The Indiaman is from Peter Pig and the junk is a 6mm scale junk from Grumpy miniatures with the 6mm crew replaced by 4mm crew by Peter Pig. Still on the painting table are a fluyt and a sloop for the Dutch. There may also be a sea monster, but more of that anon...

The Indiaman Brabant; 82 points
Q3 C4; Chaser guns, Flagship, Galleon rigged, Merchantman, Veteran NCOs

The Junk Celestial Tea Chest; 16 points
Q3 C2; Lateen rigged, Merchantman, Reinforced hull


  1. Splendid ships and isles, love these two pictures!!

  2. Wow man!
    Another splendid miniatures, you are taking me in this thematic!

    congratulations, great miniatures