Tuesday 28 October 2014

IW (2nd ed.) Chance Cards - some market research

The 2nd edition of Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End is on track for a release in the first week of Christmas. The rules will be available as a softcover book from Amazon (all the Amazons, whether you use .com, .co.uk, .jp, .de, .nl of whatever). Alternatively, you will be able to purchase the rules as a pdf file downloadable from Vexillia Ltd. Existing customers who have previously bough earlier versions of the rules will be able to upgrade to the 2nd edition pdf for a special reduced price (under £2).

However, while the final proofing and editing has been going on, Martin from Vexillia Ltd and I have been chatting about the best way to make the professionally produced chance cards I designed available to those gamers who want them. 

In Irregular Wars, chance cards are not an essential part of the game, but they do add a bit of spice. The text for all the cards will be available in the rule book if people wish to make their own custom deck, but as I wanted a good set of my own, I went ahead and had these produced.

In order to determine the best way forward vis-a-vis production, ordering and maintaining stock, Martin has put together a short questionnaire to see what you guys think about the issue - do you actually want/need high quality cards to go with the revised rules. I'd be much obliged if you would have a look HERE and have a go at answering the two questions.

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