Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Centaur reinforcements

Continuing with my slow build-up of 28mm mythical Greek forces for OGAM, I have just finished up three 28mm centaur archers from Black Hat Miniatures. I now have enough Greeks and associated monsters to easily run a 1200 point game, or even two 800 point forces to fight against each other if the need arose.

As the photos show, the Black Hat centaur archers are armed in a generically Greek way, with a cuirass (I made mine linen although on the Black Hat website, theirs are bronze) and crested helmets. Two are Illyrian and one Chalkidian. All have a quiver on the right hip, and a gladius-looking sword slung on the right hip (Roman style).

They suffer from being satin varnished (I haven't yet replaced my matt varnish), and also from being painted as a unit, rather than their centauris companion who was painted as an individual. The three of them took as long to paint as she did, and I didn't really feel the need for them to be painted to the same standard.

In game terms they are a fast moving shooting unit which fights as well as most melee units. However, they do carry the extra risk of being drunk as often as not. That makes them more powerful, but much harder to activate.

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