Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Faustus Furius hard copies available!

I am reliably informed that Faustus Furius is now available in hard copy from Amazon. 

Unfortunately, whoever looked over the listing at Amazon HQ 'corrected' the spelling of the title, so if you search for Faustus Furius, nothing will come up. If however. you search for Favstvs Fvrivs, BINGO! The mind boggles!

That aside, the rules are available as a full colour book!

What's your poison?
Pounds - Faustus Furius at;
Euros - Faustus Furius at Amazon.takeyourpick (lets say;
US dollars - Faustus Furius at

Cards for determining turn order will be available from DriveThru Cards soon, and there will also be a pdf available on the Ganesha website for people to print off their own cards.

An Italian translation of the rules will also be in print shortly, so watch this space.


  1. Amazon review added. Glad you pointed out Amazon's weird listing! I'll point it out in my next FF blog post ;)

    1. Thanks Tim, every review, however small, goes a long way!

    2. Ha! Just re-read that and saw how bad it looked! I mean to say, openly, to everyone, please leave reviews on Amazon and WargameVault etc, however small. Your Amazon review was great Tim, thank you. :)