Tuesday, 16 August 2016

More 15mm ancients - a secutor and a noxius

A clever blogger would have saved up all these recent posts and made one post will decent content. Never mind. For today's offering I have a secutor, or pursuer/chaser. Wearing a smooth helmet with eye holes (rather than the more common 'grill'), secutors seem to have been mostly matched agains retiarii (the net-men).

This secutor (the waspish fellow on the left) is from Strategia Nova. Originally he had a raised right arm covered in a lovely manica (armoured sleeve) but holding a sica, the curved knife of a thraex. Indeed, it is now the curved knife of this thraex. I wasn't thinking when I lopped it off the secutor to make my thraex, and so I was left with a secutor's body, but armless.

And here we see my conversion/sculpting skills stretched to the max. I borrowed a knife wielding bare arm from another model (an RPE Demonworld Empire rabble), stuck it in place and then sculpted some very chunky manica over the top. In reality it is not a particularly fine job, but I am not a particularly fine sculptor - you pay your money and you make your choice.

And because nobody should be painted alone, here is another RPE Demonworld Empire rabble who could be pressed into service as a noxius - a condemned prisoner forced to fight in the arena - but will usually be used as a gang member or civilian for Song of Shadows and Dust.

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