Thursday 3 November 2016

Faustus Furius - out and about

In recent weeks, Faustus Furius has been demo'd at at least two major games conventions, Strategicon in Los Angeles (September), and Lucca Comics and Games (October). My thanks to Tom and Massimo for making the effort to show off the game to the poor unsuspecting public.

Below are a couple of pictures of Tom's setup at Strategicon ...

... and some of Massimo's arena mat from Lucca.

Also worth checking out are ongoing Faustus Furius projects at Down Among the Lead Men,  Wilson's Wargaming, and Castle by Moonlight.

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  1. Interesting...

    I recently visited the Circus of Maxentius chariot racing circuit along the Appian Way, just outside the walls of ancient Rome...

    Much better preserved than the Circus Maximus