Thursday, 12 January 2017

Avast! Galleys & Galleons expansion now available in hard copy!

Avast! Fayre Winds & Foul Tides, the expansion volume for Galleys & Galleons is now available as a 6"x9" softcover from both Amazon and Lulu.

If you haven't already heard about it, Fayre Winds & Foul Tides provides everything you need the bravely sail beyond the Seven Seas.

New special rules - FWFT introduces 51 new special rules to further customise your fleets, including traitorous captains, mutinous crews, indirect fire and ironclads.

New terrain - The seas just got more dangerous with a range of new terrain features including icebergs, volcanoes and assorted native islanders. 

Advanced rules for flyers - Take the fight to the skies with advanced flying rules and new types of flyers, from da Vinci inspired ornithopters and lace-pulp airships, to dragons, gryphons and flying carpets.

Magic - The tides of magic cause additional waves on the tabletop with new rules for shipborne sorcerers and magical creatures. Seven schools of magic give a range of unique spells and other magical abilities with which to destroy your foes (and confound your friends).

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