Sunday 15 January 2017

More men of Rheged

I decided late last year to create a Saxon army for Dux Bellorum. I already had two units of Saxons painted up with a blue, white and black theme in my predominantly red white and black Romano-British army of Rheged, so that was always going to be my jumping off point. However, depriving Rheged of it's foederati meant that I would have to find new, stout men of the northwest to reinforce the depleted army.

I have previously posted these gents, another unit of noble riders, bringing me up to the maximum of three units in the army.

This weekend I finished off another shieldwall of common spearmen. They will compliment the only other remaining unit of Romano-British shieldwall left in the army (below). Of course, should I decided to take a more stolid army against those raving Hibernians, I can always invite the Saxon spearmen back on a short term contractual basis, doubling my pool of available infantry.

I have already bought, divided and undercoated my remaining six warbands of Saxons, so they are next up in the painting ques.