Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Irregular Wars - English vs Moguls

Over at the Lead Adventure Forum, Fred has posted a great little right up of a double sized game of Irregular Wars, pitting two forces of Royal English against a pair of Mogul armies. It was so good to see that I repost it here (with permission).

This is from some months ago, so details are a bit vague, but I have a good few pictures!

The forces arrayed were Royal English vs Moguls - not something you would expect for a good few hundred years more!. We wanted a big game, and matched the armies to availability of figures, rather than historical likelihood. The Royal English were represented by 10mm WM Empire figures, the Moguls by a mix of Araby and Goblin figures (hey, it worked as a game, no matter how odd it seems written down now!!).

We had 4 companies per side, I was commanding two of the Royal English companies, one blue, one red. The Mogul commander took huge amounts of the very cheap Hindu Levy - he tends to favour cheap tat.

My troops crest the hills while the Mogul light cavalry advance. My blue company was deployed a little too wide, and spent much of the game getting forwards, while masking its own cannons!

On the right flank, it is a similar story.

Mid-game, looking down the table. Right at the far end is a big punch-up. On the left near the windmill are Mogul Rockets, which I recall were hugely ineffective. In front of them, was a bit of a Mexican stand-off.

The Irish Kerns have just forded the river, much to the consternation of the Mogul player defending the village, as he hadn't realised they had the Wild rule so could cross terrain easily.
Some of my cavalry have engaged in-front of the wood, they are getting the worst of it, but have drawn the enemy forwards, while my troops slog through the wood. Nearest the camera the majority of my troops come round the flank, as the enemy withdraws from them.

The left flank from the same time as the photo above.

And the right.

The End
Where have all the Moguls gone? My red company sweeps out the forest to engage the cavalry - getting flank charges and overruns. Causing carnage through direct combat, and through the impact of the loss of nearby friends. The Hindu levy troops were particularly fragile. I recall that the commander's unit was very effective, with an initial flank charge, then rolling a 6 to get a free follow-up charge where he wanted!

The blue company finally engages - again sweeping away levy when the Demi-Lancers charged (who might look very like Gendarmes!).

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