Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Fantastic little racers

In the process of playtesting Faustus Furius, I collected two examples of each class of chariot in the game, leaving me with 14 chariots in all (including the flying carpet). Each chariot that I had was then used as inspiration for the turn order cards illustrated by local artist and gamer, Ewan Robinson.

Above you can see three of my racers - they've all been seen before, except now I have dry brushed some buff paint over the sand on the bases. This lightens the base, makes the figures pop a bit more (otherwise there is a whole lot of brown) and works better with my buff coloured racing track. 

Enter the wee lad. He is almost seven, and has recently started sowing an interest in daddy's figures. Rather than just buy him some figures with no purpose, I showed him a few of my games and asked what sort of figures he might like to play a game with. He'd just watched Radagast in the Hobbit movie trilogy, and liked the idea of of a chariot. He also liked the idea of spiders, and goblins, and skeletons... Trying not to get to carried away, I put in an order with Perfect Six Miniatures - actually, ordered, amended the order, and received the order all in a matter of three days!

A quick paint later, and I present you with the newest racers for Faustus Furius, Blood Fang and Ranzo. Chosen by the lad, painted by me, named by him. I have to say, the figures from Perfect Six were a real joy to paint - very characterful, tiny, wee sculpts.

Blood Fang is a spider rider. We decided that a spider would be good on the bends, so he is being used as an agile chariot. The lad wanted the goblin to be red, and who am I to fight creative genius?! Blood Fang's crash marker is just the goblin without the spider. presumably the spider has run off somewhere and needs to be called back. 

Ranzo is an orc boar-drawn chariot. I ordered two packs to make the active and crashed versions and was told that the active chariot needed all four boars to pull it. Ranzo himself is the orc archer on the back, Again, I followed instructions and had him firing backwards at the other racers far behind him.

In our first race, I took Nasreddin the fast carpet and Gilgamesh the heavy battle cart, while the lad took his to fantastic racers. The end result saw Gilgamesh come in last, then Nasreddin in third, Blood Fang sneaking into second place, and Ranzo speeding on ahead to snatch the first place! I demand a rematch!

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  1. It’s going to take a while to live that down you know! It may be best if you do not tell anyone :-)

    The cards are great and the new set of figures are brilliantly mad.