Tuesday, 14 November 2017

More scatter terrain

I am a wargamer. Therefore, I am inherently restless. I have enough projects* going on at the moment, but still wanted to do some hobbying with a change of emphasis. With that in mind, I decided to build some more scatter terrain. This is the first time I have made a terrain in any quantity since 2012, back when the world made more sense, and I posted what would go on to be one of my most popular posts ever (this one HERE).
*NB I realise that enough is really never enough, but I also have a family, and a job, and a puppy, so enough really should be enough.

I decided I needed a coastal zone, some more hills appropriate to smaller scale games, and may as well make a few more larger rough/wood template pieces as well. I ordered a pack of 50 trees off eBay (more on those in a later post I'm sure), and bought a decent sized (1200x800mm) piece of 3mm MDF. 

I first roughed out my design. The coastal zone runs up the right hand side here. You may be able to see the straight double lines of pencil set in 16 and 20 cm from the right. these allowed me to know that, even though my coast would be wavy, the joins would always be in the same place, so they could be a little bit modular. The lowest section was going to have a headland built into it.

The MDF was cut with a jigsaw. I ended up deciding that the 3mm MDF wasn't giving enough height to my hills, so I added in some slightly thicker pieces of cork-backed dining place mats that I had, at one stage, cut up to try and make snow drifts. The snow drifts were woeful, but they worked well in the hills.

All pieces were sanded back and stuck in place with PVA glue. Then I used silicon sealant around the steps to make them less steppy. Some old basing ballast was then scattered around the beach sections and the rough patches. The river sections are each 30 cm wide, as I have a 3 foot wide table.

Base coats of paint were applied. I find that tester pots of house paint work well when you want a range of colours. Obviously I was going for Mediterranean inshore teal-blue waters here, rather than the more traditionally Homeric wine-dark seas.

And here they are completed the olive sheet which we use when we need to cover my entire table. 

The headland - just crying out for a little stone circle or temple of Poseidon...

And here are the new pieces alongside some of my existing cork hills and rough/wood templates. The flock is a lot lighter and brighter, but otherwise, I think they fit in well. Not at all bad for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon.

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