Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Furius rematch - with a better result!

Following my less than impressive performance in our last Faustus Furius race, my wee lad was gracious/cocky enough to humour me with a rematch. As last time, we only played a single lap race. This time there were six racers - Antiochos and Darius, both driving scythed chariots, and Ranzo, the orc archer class chariot were teamed up, all racing on behalf of the lad. Driving to restore my honour were Hattusilis driving a standard chariot, Medb in her agile chariot, and Romulus in a heavy archer class chariot.  

Despite having to set up behind the rest of the racers at the starting line, Romulus ended up having to activate first. He fired off a ballista bolt at Antiochos to try and clear a path, but completely missed his target. His compulsory move then saw him ever so slowly plod forward, collide with both Antiochos and Darius and flip over. Antiochos was shunted out of the way, heading off to the right (not the way he wanted to be going!), and Darius bounced away into a house and crashed as well. Thus, the game started more or less as it was to continue.

The other three racers, Hattusilis, Ranzo and Medb managed to escape the carnage at the starting line and made their way off the grid. Medb made good use of her agility and sped off to an early lead around the first corner.

My the time Romulus, Antiochos and Darius had managed to flip their chariots and get back on the right heading, the three leaders were some way off. Medb and Ranzo had a bit of an altercation, allowing Hattusilis to take the overall lead.

Medb and Ranzo continued to push and shove while the rest of the pack caught up. Between the five chariot teams and an angry mob who were annoyed by Medb's obvious lack of skill, the track was turning into a bottleneck. 

Antiochos ran his scythed chariot into the centre of the mob, dispersing it promptly, but crashing in the process. In the ensuing confusion, Medb once more proved that she has what it takes, when the mood takes her, and sprang around the next couple of corners with the grace and alacrity of a polecat.

Antiochos flipped his chariot over again and made a slow return to the race. Meanwhile, Darius and Romulus then crashed into each other - again - allowing Ranzo to swing around in front. However, the orc took the corner too wide and headed up and 'alternative' track, into the suburbs.

In the end, Medb crossed the finish line first, moments before Hattusilis (his victory had been sooooo very close), and Antiochos took third place. 

Thus, equilibrium was restored, with Daddy coming in 1st and 2nd, and the dutiful son getting third. After two races, that puts us even on the leader board. It might be time for me to retire now, before he upsets the balance again! 😇

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