Sunday 24 December 2017

Fireside festivities for all!

A last minute post to wish everyone a happy festive season. As the year comes to a close I'd like to thank everyone who has shown their support throughout the year, whether by playtesting, buying, playing and posting, or commenting on, sharing and liking posts. For those who are interested in such things, a little over £400 have been donated to UNHCR in the course of 2018 as a result of sales.

For me, I am already working on an official mini-campaign for Palaeo Diet called Tales of Herc the Hero. ToHtH, will provide five new linked scenarios (very loosely inspired by the labours of Herakles) which take the form of prehistoric, fire-side stories, told by a lonely Herc as he tries to impress a new tribe. The campaign will also introduce a number of new beast profiles and reaction tables. Keep an eye out for it when the grass starts to grow and the herds drop their young.

Following on from that, if there is enough of a call for it, I will start to work on a standalone (but 100% compatible) Victorian/Lost World/Pulp version of the rules for dinosaur hunting, introducing blundering big game hunters and their guns. Davide Mana has already provided some research HERE and HERE.

If you don't already frequent the Lead Adventures Forum, you may not have been following some of the amazing looking Palaeo Diet projects that people have been working on. I post taster pics and a few links below. It is a great forum with, shall we say, less argumentative participants than can be found elsewhere on the interweb.

Engaging adventures!

Amazing cavies!

Fantastic scenery pieces!

Compelling campaigns!