Friday 29 December 2017

All hail Minos

All hail Minos, Beloved of the Great-Mother; Priest-king of Knossos, High-king of Crete and Lord of the Islands; the Bull from the Sea, below whose hooves the very earth shakes. Minos, all hail!

Mighty words for  6mm king, but deserved words none-the-less. I have finally finished the second division of my Minoan (Mycenaean) army for L'Art de la Guerre. The Myrmidon division was finished back in October (HERE and HERE), and while these were started way back then, the last of the chariots were only finished yesterday. All figures with the exception of Minos are from Rapier Miniatures.

This is the personal division of Minos himself and represents his household guard. Composed of elite heavy chariots, medium spearmen and light infantry javelineers, on the battlefield, this will function as one of the two swift(er) divisions with everything moving a mighty 3 base widths a turn. I never said it would be a fast army.

King Minos leading the chariots - all chariots are from Rapier's Trojan range. Two of the warriors are Rapier Hittites, the rest are Trojans/Mycenaeans wearing the famous Dendra panoply. Minos's horses are Rapier Egyptian chariot horses. Most of the chariots were miss-cast, missing either part of the railing, or/and the lower part of one or both wheels. Still, even with this close up photography, you can't really notice.

Minos is a barbarian with double headed axe from Perfect Six Miniatures. I can't rave enough about how lovely the Perfect Six stuff is, and about how good the service is. They don't have  huge range yet, but what they do have is great. Go check them out.

Medium spearmen with pavise shields and missile support - both bases have a slinger and an archer in among the spearmen. All are the Rapier Trojans.

Light infantry with javelins. I wasn't sold on the Rapier Trojan javelinmen, so went with something a little more exotic - if still plausible - and bought a pack of Libyans. All have swords rather than javelins which is a minor shame, but the two sculpts in the pack are lovely, and they will do the trick nicely. 

The final division is the heavy spearmen with skirmisher supports. Coming soon (enough) in 2018. On that note, here is a Mycenaean heavy spearman to set the mood - drawn by my friend and illustrator Orestix. Check him out on Facebook and at DeviantArt.


  1. Love these, both the idea of the army, and the execution. Nice work!

  2. I'm so jealous! What a splendid army, love the chariots, and this gorgeous camp...Congrats to you, and to Orestix!