Saturday, 20 January 2018

Sharp Practice 2 - Ah, for Fuchs' sake!

I finally managed to get Kapitän Fuchs and his Prussian jäger on the table last night for a rather apocryphal game which saw my Prussians team up with some Austrians to try to destroy a wagon of gun powder protected by a column of Russians. 

Thanks in great part to the way the turn order was determined - in Sharp Practice, the order in which officers are allowed to activate is drawn randomly - Fuchs had a great deal of success, killing the artillery crew to a man and decimating a formation of musketeers before their rifle barrels were fouled.

My Austrian colleague, Lt Battenburg also had the better of it, exchanging fire with some skirmishing Russians and chasing off some Cossack's who were a tab bold for their own good.

However, just as the second Russian formation changed into line and made ready to fire on my Prussian skirmishers, we ran out of time and had to finish up. Such a shame, but the truth of it is that none of us had played in a while and each step involved a lot of page flicking to brush up on the rules.

At the end of it, the Russians lost half their force morale, and we hadn't suffered at all, but we also failed to destroy the wagon, so I guess that is either a strategic win for the Russians, or a heroic draw for everyone. Lets call it a draw.

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