Friday, 2 March 2018

More support for the 10mm halflings

From the least tamed borders of Hearthshire, the squire's cousin, Barmbrack Hamfist, gathers support from among the wilder neighbours such as the Treefolk. Luckily, his giant guinea peeg allows him to scurry swiftly through undergrowth and avoid detection for the spies of the shire's foes.

There appears to be a dearth of 10mm halfling magic users out there (strange...), so Barmbrack is a bit of a conversion. Starting with a Magister Militum halfing pony rider, I cut him, drilled him, and stuck him with bits of a cut up pin (one bit as a support for his impressive hat, and another for his wand. He was then glued to the back of a spare Bad Squiddo Games guinea pig. If you don't have a pack of those floating around, you should head over and get some!

A spot of greenstuffing later, and Barmbrack had some trousers, feet and a hat. Sorted! Only now that he is painted have I noticed the size difference between Magiter Militum halfling pony riders and halfling foot by Magister Militum and Eureka (which mix very well). Barmbrack would stand about 7-8mm tall, while the halfling infantry, including the squire, Puck Goodfellow, only stand 5-6mm tall. I'll try not to have the two characters standing next to each other to often.

Treefolk from Pendraken. Cracking - and cranky - little figures these are.