Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Yet more Hearthshire Halflings

Five more units and a third character for the Hearthshire muster. All are 10mm halflings from Magister Militum.

Four of us got together for a multiplayer game of Kings of War last week, using 'the JB amendment' which sees both players rolling to attack in each melee. The armies were 1,500 points each (so 3,000 points a side): the stunty 'Grand Picnic' alliance of dwarves and halflings - we brought the pies, they brought the beer - against an unholy alliance of dark elves and undead.

The game was satisfying enough in that we got figures on the table and played to a decisive completion - no undead remained, and but a few miserable elves were left standing after five turns. The most wonderful moment was when my plucky halfling sergeant (Puck Goodfellow) managed to defeat the undead lord on his bone dragon. Now that was a truly epic moment. However, KoW definitely still lacks a lot of what I am after in a game. I look forward to trying out Lord and Lands on my next outing.

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