Sunday 6 January 2019

10mm Greco-Macedonian reinforcements

Starting off the new year the way I hope to continue, here are the latest reinforcements to my Early Macedonian army. I may be starting to over do things, but who doesn't like options right? The hoplites on the right in the photo above are the new lads. 

While the first hoplite phalanx were vaguely themed blue with lots of Macedonian suns, these guys are vaguely red, with thunderbolts to work perhaps as hoplites in the service of one of the Upper Macedonian kingdoms (such as the hoplites in Lynkestian service in the 420s BC), or as Epeirotes. The aulos (double flute) player out front is the 'leader' marker, indicating the centre of the unit for line of sight purposes where necessary.

In support we have two units of psiloi slingers. There aren't any direct references to Macedonian slingers from the 5th century that I'm aware of, but the sling was fairly universal around the Mediterranean, and there is loads of archaeological evidence for units of slingers under Philip II (see HERE and HERE for example).


  1. Nic

    Do you favour Hail Caesar or ADLG now?

    Best for the New Year!


    1. Hi Richard,

      In general I prefer ADG. I cut my teeth on DBA, DBM and Armati. ADG appeals as the next step forward with that sort of elegant abstract game.

      I enjoy HC, but I seldom feel the bucket-of-dice approach is justified.

      I'm building this force for Men of Bronze in the hope it will reflect Dux Bellorum.

      However I'd happily also play HC with them. I've no plans to paint enough for ADG.

  2. Most impressive and beautiful phalanx, wonderful work!