Monday, 28 January 2019

Trial companies for Rebels and Patriots

With the release of Dan Mersey and Michael Leck's Rebels and Patriots, I've dug out my 15mm 18th and 19th century miniatures to build two trial companies. I'll not go into a full review (there are plenty out there, here is Karawansary's, and ilivewithcats'); these read like another elegant set of rules, building on Dan's 'Rampant' series, and firmly rooted in the black powder period.

First up are the 27th Inniskilling Fusiliers - my local regiment - for the French and Indian War (1754-1763). The 'Skins' had previously fought in the West Indies (1739-1740), against the Jacobites in Scotland (1745-1746), and then were sent to Canada where they fought from 1758-1761, before redeploying back to the West Indies until 1762 when they returned to New York.

Although Rebels and Patriots is framed for games in the American conflicts of the 18th and 19th centuries, all the elements are there for more diverse conflicts in the period. Troop types (all modifiable) range from line and light infantry, to shock infantry, skirmishers, natives, artillery, light cavalry and shock cavalry. Who is to say whether natives are a Huron war party, or Jacobite Highlanders? 

In the same way, if you dropped the natives, these rules would clearly work in a continental Napoleonic theatre. I imagine that the rules are not openly sold for the Napoleonic period as Osprey already have a Napoleonic skirmish game out, and it never pays to compete with your own products... On that note, here are my Prussians! 😏


  1. A browse of the Interwebz suggests this will be getting a lot of use for Napoleonics.

    Up, Guards, and at 'em!

  2. Very nice! I like the relatively modest amount of figures needed. This may be my gateway into periods/scenarios I otherwise would shy away from for the number of figures needed. Of course, it's not to say you can't build larger armies either!

  3. These look great! I'm really looking forward to trying out Rebels and Patriots!