Sunday 20 January 2019

Luwian javelineers

Having put my standard Minoan army (Mycenaean, army no.30) through it's paces a number of times now, I figured that I should give myself a couple of spare units to allow some variation. To date I have run two Minoan commands and an unreliable 'Islander' command using the Achaean Myrmidon option from the army list. However, if I downgrade my Myrmidons (medium swordsmen impact armoured elite) to Trojan allied Lukka/Lykians (medium swordsmen impact), and drop the elite status of one heavy chariot, then I can field a couple of units of javelineers. 

Although the army list called the javelineers Thracians - more Trojan allies - I am running my army as Minoans, so I am calling them Luwian javelineers from the Taurus mountains of southern Anatolia (which include Lykia, the home of the Bronze Age Lukka). The figures are Rapier, a mix of Sea Peoples and Sumerians (with a few added shields).

Here is the expanded unreliable command using this option:
Heavy chariot elite (embedded competent general), medium cavalry mediocre, 2x medium swordsmen impact, 2x light infantry bow, 2x javelineers.

... and for completeness sake, the full army together - camp and heavy chariot division at the back, heavy infantry division in the middle, and Islander or Luwian division up front.