Saturday, 9 March 2019

10mm Early Macedonians (c.650-359 BC) completed

I have, for now at least, completed my 10mm Early Macedonians. I was prompted by the forthcoming Men of Bronze to finally build a small force of pre-Philippic reform Macedonians - and army I always wanted but never got around to. MoB only uses a small number of units (4-6ish), but in order to have a range of options, I ended up with 10. By adding two commanders, I was able to make up a 250 point army for Hail Caesar as well - perfect for multiplayer games.  

Macedonian 'fast' division consisting of hetairoi cavalry, peltasts and archers. 

Macedonian 'heavy' division made up of the hoplites, Illyrians and slingers. 

I've previously posted a range of photos and details of the different units. For more information, click on the links: 

Breaking the army down into Men of Bronze forces, I am guestimating that I could run a large Macedonian army, or reasonably field two smaller forces.

 Argead (Lowland or Royal) Macedonians with heavy cavalry, hoplites, peltasts and archers.

Highland Macedonians or Epeirotes with hoplites, peltasts, slingers and Illyrian mercenaries/allies.

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