Sunday, 31 March 2019

Assorted 10mm fantasy chaps (and chapettes)

Having been re-invigorated by Of Armies and Hordes to expand the household's 10mm fantasy collection. First up are two units of goblin wolf riders from the company that shall not be named. While I generally want no truck with the afore unmentioned company, I've always wanted wolf riders and I managed to pick these up very cheaply second hand. The sculpts are... beautiful. This is the start of a new Steppe Goblin army led by King Snatters on his trusty wolf, Snowy.

The remaining units are intended to flesh out my lads Night Elves. First up from Pendraken are his corsairs or adventurers. 

Next, also from Pendraken, are a third unit of swordsmen (the unit on the left is the new one).

Lastly, from Magister Militum, some Night Elf scorpion demons.


  1. Top painting! I specially like how you painted those wolfies. Don't you like Warmaster for your fantasy battles?

  2. Very nice indeed

    Take care