Saturday 16 March 2019

'Aflings sir! Fousands of 'em...

With the recent release of Ganesha Game's army level rule set - Of Armies and Hordes - my much loved (and, curiously, often victorious) 10mm halflings have received a bit more love and some reinforcements. First up are another two bases of treefolk - treefolk themselves from Pendraken with a Magister Militum halfling ... guide/commander(?!).

Next up are some halfling battle hogs/swine. The swineherds and chefs are from Magister Militum, the piggies from Pendraken/Minibits.

And bringing up the rear, a wee tribe of allied Moorland Pixies.  Although these are actually 6mm goblins from Perfect Six miniatures, I'm going to be using them as tunnel building little people from the uplands.

Treating a 40x20mm base as two 'stands', and a 40x40mm base as four 'stands' (a stand being the generic building block of a unit in OAaH), I now have almost 3,000 points worth of halfling forces. A standard game size is said to be about 2,000 points, so I can chop and change units, of play out a large game. Hopefully I'll get a game in soon!

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