Saturday 4 May 2019

10mm steppe goblin assassin and giant

The 10mm steppe goblin horde gathering has been a bit slower recently due to work pressures, but I have managed an assassin - Snickers the Knife (from one of the Polar Fox Studios steppe goblin command strips) - and also a giant.

The giant is actually a tribal hunter from Blind Beggar Miniatures' recent Palaeo Diet Kickstarter. As the Blind Beggar hunters are twice as tall as my 20mm prehistoric collection, I looked around for another use for this chappie, and decided he made a pretty good 10mm giant.

Stanley knife modelling putty at the ready, I set about embiggening (may not be a real word, but used on the Simpsons a looong time ago) him. I added eye lids to reduce the comic book appearance of the eyes; cut some little shields from plasticard, added shield bosses with putty, and added them together with a 10mm skeleton head as belt trophies. Lastly, I cut up a spare halfling and used putty to add a tare to the sack for the halfling to be struggling out of.

He was a fun model to build and paint. Even though he has been matt varnished, he still looks pretty shiny in the pictures. I might have to take him out back and give him another spray.

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