Sunday 29 September 2019

Another Dux Bellorum clash in Macedonia

My 10mm early Macedonians took to the field again this week for a rematch with Lee's Greeks. The first two games using Dux Bellorum had seen my Macedonians use their superior numbers to swarm around Lee's hardcore hoplites and collapse his line. Given my total cavalry superiority, I planned on doing the same this time, sweeping around the flanks to strike from behind.

Dux Bellorum works so beautifully for these games: skirmishers tend to meet first, then the cavalry get involved, and only later do the bronze-clad beauties (AKA hoplites) get to grips with the situation. That is certainly what happened this time around too. 

Unfortunately for the good guys, the Greek peltasts failed to evaporate fast enough when faced by the Macedonian companions and the infantry lines met before my cavalry were ready.

That hole in the left hand side of the Macedonian line is what happens when epilektoi hoplites meet Macedonian tribal levies... Better luck next time boys. Despite having Lee's Greeks pinned, the Macedonian tribal infantry were just too 'historically attuned' to stand and fight. The game came down to the wire and both forces reached their 50% threshold to make break tests in the same turn. The Greeks proved braver and the Macedonians fled the field.


  1. I would love to see "crunchy bits" on how you've adapted Dux.

  2. Reminds me of a friend who adapted a Dux Bellorum Vs Impetus mash up.
    He also used it for Macedonians, through his were fighting against Romans.

    It seems that Dux Bellorum provides a good core, and is flexible enough to adapt to different historical eras.

  3. Would also like to see the mods! Simon

  4. Thanks for your interest gents. Chatting with Dan Mersey about the best way to disseminate it.