Sunday, 29 September 2019

More 10mm Macedonians - because 'finished' is never enough

With my love of early Macedonia finding an outlet through Dux Bellorum: Hoplomachia, I wanted - nay, was compelled! - to get some more 10mm Macs. Here is the new tranche of three units. These will allow me to field a full 32 points of troops in Hoplomachia, 85 points worth of troops towards a 100 point L'Art de la Guerre Early Macedonian army, or 328 points in Hail Caesar.

More hetairoi! These noble Macedonian horse-barons are Magister Militum Thracian cavalry - some with head swaps to introduce a couple of helmets, some with added broad-brimmed petasoi made of green stuff. My mate Lee very unkindly refers to them as banditos...  

More tribal levy! These lovely wee figures are all from the Magister Militum Greek peltasts pack. The best I can say about their performance in battle so far is that it seems historically accurate.


  1. Wow, lovely units, wonderful work on them!

  2. Wonderful job, hard to believe they are only 6mm tall!