Saturday 18 January 2020

Bataille Empire - New year, new project

Not entirely sure how it happened, but the new big project for some of our group is 6mm Napoleonics for Bataille Empire, the new rules by Hérve Caille of L'Art de la Guerre fame. After some to-ing and fro-ing, I have ended up with Austria - roughly 1809. I once had a 15mm Austrian army but sold it in the great pre-uni sale of stuff some 21 years ago. It feels just a little bit like coming home.

I have started with a large unit of Bohemian landwehr (Baccus Spaniards in top hats - still requiring their wee flag) and a battery of brigade guns to provide support. 


  1. Will be following this with interest as I have just started on a 6mm Napoleonic project over Christmas as well!

  2. Snap. Though, Russians for me. I like the Bohemians - always fun to put together something a little different.

    1. The other gents are doing Russia and France, so we'll have a decent mix to start us off.

      The Bohemians weren't part of my previous army, but as you say, they are a little different and will serve t break up all that the white of the other units.