Sunday 19 January 2020

More Measly Medieval Miniatures

Over the Christmas break, I manage to get a bunch of 28mm miniatures done up to compliment my Shadow of Sherwood collection - I'm almost ready to start using them in earnest. These villagers are all from Midlam Miniatures - technically they are from a fantasy range, but they are as historical as the rest of my Robin Hood stuff!



Washing maid

Crippled crone


Forester (I cut the sword down into a dagger)

Also from Midlam Miniatures, I got this Hiberno-Norse looking chap in a quilted bernie with a Dane axe. He could join the late 12th century Sherwood bandits if he chose, or (as in the photo above) he can team up with some Anglo-Danes and the like to take on slightly earlier Norman types.

... and my axe!

For my we lad's (slowly growing) retinue, I created a sergeant with a Dane axe out of left over Fireforge bits. 

... and also my axe!

... and in a scene to warm any wargaming daddy's heart, he also chose and ordered his own model (also from Midlam Miniatures) to paint himself. As with the shield device and colours he wanted on his knight, Sir John, there is a very clear inspiration behind his choices. 👻😀


  1. Lovely additions. I really like the Colour scheme for Sir John´s Posse

  2. Beautiful minis, love the civilians!

  3. Wonderful, I have some of these Midlam Miniatures lurking around somewhere, great to see some painted examples when I finally get round to them.