Sunday, 28 June 2020

A whole new world - Starting on 10mm Ziggurat Dwarves

Dodging the the judgmental stares of the unpainted 6mm Austrians sitting on the shelf, I made a start on a new 10mm army this weekend. My 'Ziggurat Dwarves' are based on the evil dwarf range from Cibo's Little Dudes with a few modifications.

The company of flying carpet uses a couple of dwarf magic-users mounted on greenstuff carpets. They will provide some mobile shooting support to what will, on the whole, be a slow melee-based army.  

The djinn is from Cibo's desert empire range. Like all of Cibo's stuff he's full of character, but this chap seemed very unstable when I went to base it. I adapted the figure a little, removing the lamp and shifting it to the side, then adding more magical bubbles around the base to give it a bit more stability.