Thursday 18 June 2020

Fantastic Battles - call for playtesters

Fantastic Battles has reached a point where it would benefit from a few more playtesters outside of my regular opponents. If you are interested in helping out, please drop me a message through the contact form and let me know your gaming capacity at the moment - with lockdown at different stages in different places, some people can play solo or over video link, some can meet with friends, and some might only be able to read but not play.



  1. Is this a new rulebook that your are planning? How many miniatures it could need for play? I read SOLO rules, this could be intriguing (considering the few or no players available in my local clubs). At the moment I've not real armies for play, but maybe I could do some with the several miniatures I yet painted for S&S and SOHB.

    1. Hi Matteo, Fantastic Battles is a mass battle game, with multi-based 'companies' - around 20-25 companies per side. I am hoping to have a decent set of solo-rules as an option, although at the moment, that side of things is is not fully developed.

    2. Do you suggest using 10-15mm scale miniatures?

    3. The rules are not scale specific. 6mm-28mm would all work fine, although my stuff is 10mm. :)

    4. Maybe I will consider it, especially if there will be some nice SOLO rules (always the problem of lack of players). I've seen that Alternative Armies and Ral Partha Europe have many nice oldhammer style miniatures in 15mm scale.