Monday, 1 June 2020

The Wrong Island: PDEE Pulp meets LEGO™️

*NB - May not be actual LEGO. The figures came out of boxes branded “Pogo” or “Juracic Park”*

Here is another game report from Mark in Thailand. The game was actually played back in February, but I forgot to share it at the time.

The Joker is taking a break from pranking Gotham City, and has taken his gf and a couple of associates hunting on Dinosaur Island. They want to kill every dinosaur they can find, just for the fun of it, and they have 10 turns to do so. The hunters are:
♥️The Joker: pistol, Engineer
♦️Harley Quinn: club
♠️Alan (blonde hair): sub machine gun
♣️Smiles (black hair): rifle

Here they are (photo below) surveying the scene from the top of a small hill.

And here is a shot of most of the island. Note the pterosaur at top R (Raptor), King Carnosaur at bottom R, and small herd of 3 x Great Herbivores around the waterhole at bottom L.

There is also another King Carnosaur roaming off-table. It will appear at a random spot if the right conditions arise. Did I say it was the Wrong Island? It seems the joke may be on The Joker.

Anyway, off they go. The Joker & Alan try a co-op move first, fail 2/3 activations, but the nearest beasts (Great Herbivores) are not bothered. These city slickers will have to up their skills if they want to shoot anything though. Harley & Smiles try the same move, same result, this time one of the munching herbivores, presumably annoyed, makes a lunge towards the hunters to warn them off.

The hunters split into two teams. The Joker & Alan will try to take down the Pterosaur. Harley & Smiles will cautiously approach the Herbivore herd.

At the end of Turn 3 this tactic seems to be working ... Alan shot down the Pterosaur with a near textbook shot from his tommy gun (2/3 hits, no jams) and The Joker and he head back towards the C of the table ...

... and Smiles inflicted two rifle wounds on one of the Herbivores which has obliging Attacked towards Harley & him. Excellent shooting.

By the end of Turn 5 the situation was more ambivalent. Both teams allowed themselves to get overconfident and now have work to do to keep out of danger!

The Joker has been noticed by another Great Herbivore, and not in a nice way. And Alan has had a lucky but maybe temporary escape, after shooting unsuccessfully at the King Carnivore. His SMG has jammed, and the beast is calling to its nearby mate as it flees.

Meanwhile, Smiles caused “his” herbivore a 3rd wound, and as it backed off (Alarmed & Move Away reactions) Harley, ever hot headed, chased after it. Then it turned and lunged at her, causing a wound.

At the end of Turn 8 the hunters have only the hapless Pterosaur to show, and are getting desperate for more kills. But will it be the dinosaurs or the hunters who end up dead?

The Great Herbivores are in full retreat, but their roars are keeping Harley and Smiles at a distance. The Joker has thrown two bombs: the first fell short and wounded only him. The second was perfectly pitched but both affected beasts survived unscathed.

Alan has continued his personal battle with the King Carnivore, causing it 2 wounds but receiving 1 in return. Desperate action clearing a jammed weapon just as the beast attacked! The other King Carnivore has also now appeared, on the other side of the thicket.

I’m not letting beasts who retreat go off the table edge, because it’s an island. If necessary they’ll move along the base edge.

Down to the last 2 Turns now. 

Not much changed in fact. 3/4 hunters were now wounded and on 2 stress dice, which tends to cause a lot more beast reactions. 

From bottom to top: one of the Herbivores, enraged by (ineffective) shooting from Smiles, turned and attacked Harley (closest hunter) and stomped her good. The Joker will be heartbroken, but is otherwise preoccupied right now as the wounded Herbivore has decided to make a move on him. And Alan, facing off against the King Carnivore, has a jammed weapon and been forced to retreat as the beast roars defiance. Also it’s mate is now in LOS, which might matter if the game continued.

So we leave our hunters licking their wounds and wondering where their ride back to Gotham is. Facing the Black Knight was never this hard, not to mention the mosquitoes.

Cheers from Dinosaur Island,

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