Thursday 23 July 2020

6mm Napoleonic Austrians - Archduke Charles Legion

Continuing to plug away at my 1809ish Austrians, I am please to have finished the last unit of my Advanced Guard Division, the Archduke Charles Legion. The legion (six battalions strong) was raised by Archduke Charles (Erzherzog Karl) in 1808 from Bohemia and Moravia to provide bodies of light infantry for the Austrian army. Unlike the more numerous battalions of the same name raised in 1800, the 1809 legion seems to have been uniformed in brown coats with red facings and pike-grey trousers. The entire first battalion seems to have worn the Corsican hat (like regular jager battalions), but only the light companies in the other battalions wore the same, other companies wore a shako. This unit, with skirmishers wearing the Corsican hat but the rest wearing a shako, will nominally be the 2nd battalion which saw action (and took heavy casualties) at Aspern and Wagram in 1809.


  1. Well done, gorgeous unit!

  2. Sir! These look great! I really like the green sprig of oak leaves on top of the shakos. I also like three ranks over two bases with skirmishes then the three ranks!

    What is the base size you are using there if you don’t mind? It looks like 40MM X 20MM.


    Mike Hammomd

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Mike. I hope that setting them out this way will help differentiate the unit (a decent light infantry regiment) from the equally brown-coated Bohemian landwehr (poor line regiments) on the table.

      They are on four 40x20 bases, arranged two deep as recommended by the rules.