Friday 17 July 2020

Fantastic Battles: Ziggurat Dwarves vs Byzernians

This week my Ziggurat dwarves had their first outing, taking on Jim's Byzernians (supported by a small halfling allied contingent) in a 1,000 point game of Fantastic Battles. Unfortunately the war correspondents did a lousy job capturing a full report of the battle, so we can only provide on summary reflections from the sources close to the respective warlords.

Thoughts from the dwarves:
  • Lots of artillery is not a game breaker, but don't charge towards it with heavy horse. 
  • Shieldwalls are hard as nails, don't charge them with light horse unless you are hitting the rear or a flank. 
  • The drilled trait is super useful, even if it doesn't appear all that special at first sight. 
  • Playing with randomised objectives was a nice bit of fun, but it didn't dominate the game. 
  • We've been doing independent character charges all wrong. In the rules as written, independent characters were never supposed to get any melee modifiers on top of their basic profile, but we've applied them in the last couple of games and it has reinforced that they should not be used.

Thoughts from the Byzernians:
  • Oh, I won a stunning moral victory last night. I was defeated. But not just as badly as we thought I would be going in at half time. 
  • A second half resurgence saw me kill Nic’s general, see off some ballistae and have a halfling magic user riding a gerbil bring down a flight of flying carpets! Don’t use your independent characters to kill Nic’s stuff or you will see a rule change/clarification! ­čśë­čśë
  • Winning some fights but not the battle, and killing a warlord, grants me the moral victory, in my mind.

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