Sunday 4 April 2021

A second sweep via Flores Minor

My first (impromptu) side project for the year seems to have been building up a 28mm sci-fi skirmish force - the lads from the Flores Minor Ranger Corp. The first tranche of space-halflings where shown back in February. The rest of the compliment are now complete and I find myself with a neat pool of stunties and allies to take on all those too-talls out there. 

The this time all the halflings are 1991 issue Games Workshop 40K ratlings with their rifles converted into shotguns and a chunky minigun. The wonderful resin bulldog is from Durgin Paint Forge. I LOVE him!

Buckshot – Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Snake Eyes – Anything but a 1!

Point – First to land, last to leave

Heavy – Layin’ down the cover

Pup – Bark! Bark bark bark!

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