Tuesday, 13 April 2021

ProjectTROY - 28mm Amazons

The final pieces for this stage of ProjectTROY are a dynamic unit of Amazon warriors and a Trojan priest. The Amazon figures are from Lucid Eye and were an absolute joy to paint with crisp detail and plenty of variation (although the standard bearer is a converted sword-wielder with a standard from CP Models). The armour is very much Aegean-inspired rather than Classical and that suited the aesthetic I was after. The unit did cost about the same as the rest of my army put together, so they're not to be bought lightly.

Height-wise, they would be on par with Eureka's Bronze Age Greeks, but the ladies all appear to have passed the (stereotyped) air hostess entrance exams as they are all very slender and conform to the same body shape. Due to the dynamic poses, I could only get five onto a 60x40mm base, but they really fill it. 

Like their Trojan peers, the Amazons have been built to serve as a unit of three formed (or elite?) companies with shieldwall, long spears and mixed shooting in Fantastic Battles. For l'Art de la Guerre they count as three units of heavy spearmen with pavises and missle supports, and should they be used in Hail Caesar I think they count as a single unit of medium spearment with long spears and a weak shooting attack.

My Trojan priest is from Redoubt Enterprises. He is actually sold as King Priam, but I throught he looked priestly enough for my purposes. 

Hopefully I'll get a chance to do some full army shots in the very near future.


  1. They are excellent! The priest exudes character. I love these figures, they remind me of the Foundry Sea Peoples range.Superb!

  2. Brilliant work, wonderful colours.

  3. Absolutely stunning Amazons! Very, very impressive painting on these excellent sculpts.

  4. Stunning paint job. Great choice of figures as well.

  5. Stunning paint job. Great choice of figures as well.

  6. Early? You have Amazons, what has history got to do with it ;)

    1. I was wondering if you'd pick up on that... They are clearly Late Bronze Age appropriate Amazons! :p