Saturday, 17 April 2021

ProjectTROY - 28mm Trojan showcase


Late last year I resolved that my main project for 2021 would be a small 28mm Trojan force. I've completed 28mm skirmish forces in the past, but never completed an army-level project in the over-sized 'big' scale that is 28mm, so I thought even a small army would get my year in. Of course we have been in lockdown since December, so I found myself with a few more moments to play with paint pots. The result: the small Trojan project (retrospectively termed 'phase 1') is completed.

If I was going to be investing time into building the army, I wanted to ensure theat iw would be a flexible as possible in terms of which rule sets it could be used with. Hence, the four characters/commanders are singly based, but everything else is based on 60mm wide bases. 60x60 for the chariots, and 60x40 for the infantry.

The choice of units was partly led by the different games I'd likely be playing - Fantastic Battles, l'Art de la Guerre and Hail Caesar - and partly by various inconsistent decisions around availability and price. On the whole, I'd like to think they work well together and form a grand basis on which future projects may be built if/when the need arises.

There are an even 750 point here for Fantastic Battles. Another captain and half dozen or so companies would bring it up to standard size.

For ADLG, there are enough units to run a 120 point army with two commands. I'd just have to decide what to leave out! The 'Guardsmen' are rebranded Lukka from the list. Again, another six-ten bases would bring me up to a full 200 points. I already have a 200 (soon to be 300) point Minoan army in 6mm which uses this same list, so I'm fairly familiar with how it works now.

There are enough units to do one large, or two undersize commands for HC. The initial concept for the army was to be a single four-unit allied Trojan command for Andrew's Hittite army so we could take on Martin's Egyptians together. If we ask nicely, maybe they will share some of their progress here too in future?

The army command, from left to right: a Trojan prince (Foundry), a priest (Redoubt), a noble Trojan captain (Eureka) and an Amazon captain (Lucid Eye).

The noble chariotry of Troy (Foundry).

Trojan nobles on foot (Eureka).

Trojan warriors with mixed long spears and bows (Newline).

Trojan archers (Newline).

Trojan javelin-armed skirmishers (Eureka)

Amazon warriors with mixed long spears and bows (Lucid Eye).


  1. That was quick work, looks brilliant all together.

  2. Lovely work on all of these - one of my favorite periods.

  3. Impressive army. Can you give the links from all the figures you used.

  4. I still think you need Dendra armour.

    1. I have some, but they are a bit early.

  5. Thanks for all the kind comments folks!