Sunday 18 July 2021

A thundering a hooves and the lamentation of women... 28mm L'Art de la Guerre - Trojans vs Hittites

As Northern Ireland baked under the hottest weather on record this weekend, Andrew and I managed to get together for some more l'Art de la Guerre (4th ed.), this time fielding our 2021 project armies, 28mm Hittites and Trojans. 

This battle was the the first time that we've played ADLG in 28mm - and boy the table is big! 

Andrew's Hittites deployed with a mixed command of heavy chariots, highlanders and archers -LMI and LI - on his right (top left), more heavy chariots in the centre, and light chariot archers, medium spear and javelineers on the left.  

The Trojans deployed a command of heavy spears and LMI bowmen on the left (lower right), medium swordsmen, javelin-armed skirmishers and more heavy spear in the centre, and elite light chariots with javelins, LMI javelinmen and slingers on the right.

The Hitties played aggressively, thundering across the plain with their eleven units of chariots (8 heavy, three light) and highlanders, being held back on only their left where the commander had too few pips to drive the spearmen forward for a second advance in turn one.

The Trojans advanced more cautiously, trying to hedge in the Hittite heavy chariots with their heavy spearmen, and meet the enemy light chariots with their own.

Before the two battle lines met, the Trojan superior archery started to weaken the Hittite forces, causing both their archers and two of the heavy chariots to lose cohesion. 

But then, with a sickening crunch, the two lines met.

The heavy chariots of Hattusa met the spearmen of Troy and their Amazonian allies, while the flower of Trojan chariotry plowed into the Hittite's chariot-archer subjects up from the Levant.
Almost everywhere across the field of battle, the fight went the way of the Hittites. Within a couple of rounds of melee, the Trojan line was starting to crumble.

Only on the Trojan left were the spearmen and archers of Troy able to hold their own, destroying the Hittite's highland auxiliaries and starting to turn the flank. 

However, a seeming Trojan inability to roll higher than a 2 for the melees elsewhere meant that both the centre and right flank were crumbling fast.

... and in a moment, it was all over. The Trojan and Amazonian heavy spears in the centre, and the Trojan chariotry, fell where they fought.

As the sun set, and the dust settled, the Trojan army broke and fled with 31/26 breakpoints; the victorious Hittites held proud at 17/24. Woe to the vanquished, and yet deeper woe upon their cities, towns and villages.

In a strange and most unusual twist of fate, while all six commanders were committed to melees, not one of them fell!


  1. Excellent - the figures look beautiful and the new LAdG sounds excellent.
    I hadn't realised (1) that the author of Fantastic Battles had a blog and (2) that you also lived in Norn Iron...small world :)

    1. Thanks!
      1) I do! and it's here.
      2) I do too, about a half hour outside of Belfast. Where abouts are you?

    2. Half an hour outside Belfast along the coast just past Carrick.
      I sense a game in the offing ;)

    3. Drop me a message through the contact form sure and I'll email you.

  2. Truly superb, splendid armies in a beautiful Hittite victory!

    1. Thanks Phil! Although I'd define their victory as devestating or traumatic...

  3. A great looking sympathies were with the Trojans, seeing they ha Amazon allies! Lovely figures in both armies. What is record heat in N Ireland, seventeen or eighteen degrees centigrade?! Lol just kidding 😄

    1. We do so have baking temperatures! It reached just over 31 degress which I can assure you is quite hot enough once you're acclimatised! :)

  4. Very impressive!
    Good game

  5. PIPs ? Is AdG that similar to DBM? And …. wait for it … some Dendra might have made the difference ;)

    1. It uses a modified d6 roll to determin command points, yes. I'm not sure they are technically called PIPs in the rules, but everyone understands the term.

      No, Dendra would have been outdated and slowed down my boys even more!