Wednesday 7 July 2021

ProjectBACCHAE - a flock o' satyrs

The next unit for my 28mm Bacchic army for Fantastic Battles is a three-company flock* of satyrs from Eureka Miniatures. Three of these figures were painted over ten years ago and I'm not sure whether to be delighted or a bit disappointed that my painting abilities have not changed noticeably!

I intend on using these as a unit of Irregular Companies with the forester and shooting (mixed) traits, and stimulants as a racial trope.  I have a second identical unit on the painting table at the moment.

I call these satyrs for ease, but technically satyrs - at least for the Classical Greeks - were nothing like what they have become to modern eyes. Rather, they were drunken ugly looking blokes with snub noses and the ears and tail of a horse (see the red figure examples below). Furthermore, they are always ithyphallic. Apart from the pretty erect standard, these figures are a lot more suitable for public consumption!


These, and I would suggest all so-called satyr miniatures are closer to panes - goat-legged - sometimes goat-headed - mountain spirits who might be seen as multiplications of, or children of Pan, the rustic god of flocks (again, see the red figure depictions of panes below). However, in popular imagination these are satyrs and so, on the tabletop, satyrs they shall be!

Update: It has been pointed out the the collective noun for satyrs should probably be herd rather than flock...


  1. Surely the bottom vase depicts Gloranthan Broo......;-)

    1. Everytime I turn around someone is talking about Glorantha! I really should find out what all the fuss is about some time. :)

  2. Those of a certain age encountered Greg's world through Runequest; it was a radical change from D&D for RPGs. It has enjoyed something of a renaissance in the last few years.

  3. I love the contrast between the satyrs' brown and the colourful basing!