Tuesday 31 August 2021

Papposilenos for ProjectBACCHAE

Over the August long weekend I was able to get a couple of bits and pieced finished up for my Fantastic Battles Bacchic army. First up we have the first company of maenads again (but this tile flocked), and the last of the project's planned characters, Papposilenos.

Papposilenos was an aged silenos - (similar too, and in some cases indistinguishable from satyrs) who was something of a tutor to the infant Dionysos. As the god matured, Papposilenos's role transitioned to as Dionysos' majordomo.

4th century BC Apulian bell krater showing the bust of Dionysos beside a wee Papposilenos.

4th century BC Apulian lekythos showing Papposilenos playing the aulos and seated on a wine skin.

Iconographically, Papposilenos appears short, greying, often balding, and always fat. I started with an old 1986 Talisman satyr picked up for far too much on eBay. I sliced him across the stomach, cutting about 4/5 the way through and then bent his back to tilt his head up. I then greenstuffed him a baggy belly and hairy snail trail. The model was supposed to come with an aulos, but I replaced this with an amphora from castaway arts so it looks like he is having a good quaff.


  1. Excellent conversion, looking forward to seeing these troops in action...

  2. Great work, I really love the imagination and creativity that is going into this very unique army!

  3. Very imaginative and fantastic painting!